Professional In-Home Computer Services


phone (519) 939-9346

email tanarus@gmail.com


Flat Rate Fee

My fee for in-home services is $50 per hour ($44.25/hr, + $5.75 HST). If you are outside my service area (Orangeville, Shelburne, Grand Valley, Erin, Palgrave) there is an additional $25 charge ($22.12 + $2.88 HST) for travel time.

Pick Up/Drop Off Service

Sometimes, there may be an issue that I cannot diagnose and repair at your home. In these cases, I will pick up your computer and perform the full diagnostic and repair at my office. In these cases, I will provide an estimate for the length of time the repair will take, and price accordingly.

Rework Policy

Some computer problems can be especially pesky, and misdiagnoses aren't unheard of. If you're still having the same problem with your computer within 30 days, I will be happy to schedule another time to take another look at your computer and set things right. You will not be charged labor unless the time to repair your computer exceeds the time you originally paid. In these circumstances, the time you originally paid is put toward the time required for the re-repair. (If I originally needed two hours to look at your computer, then must come out for an additional three hours, you'll only be charged the difference of one hour.)