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Tanarus Computer Solutions is owned and operated by Ken Reilly. I made the move to Orangeville in August 2006 to accept a retail company's computer repair position. During that time, I've been recognized for contributions on the company's website, assisting customers with computer problems all across Canada while still facilitating computer repairs locally. This recognition came from the other website's users, culminating in being chosen as the company's Employee of the Year for numerous years. Unfortunately, as retail goes through cutbacks and restructuring, the position I filled was no longer available, and I was let go at the end of January 2014. With the experience gained from working there, and the trust built up by the local community, I decided to start my own business, offering my expertise without the restrictions or overhead dictated by a retail chain. The business officially started in May of 2014.

The name 'Tanarus' is derived from the Celtic god of thunder Taranis. I found the name in a computer and gaming magazine back in 1997, and it really stuck with me; I've used it as an online pseudonym ever since. As much as I'd like to say I chose the name Tanarus to say I'm a force as powerful as thunder against computer problems, I need to be honest: I picked the name because it sounded cool.

Computers have been an interest and a hobby my entire life. My first computer was an Apple II, a very basic machine that output only two colors. By studying the code of games and programs we had, I was able to learn how to perform some very basic programming. I grew up with Commodore 64s and Windows 3.1 machines in elementary school, where I won their Computer Award when I graduated. Through high school, I never went a semester without some sort of computer course, whether keyboarding or programming or writing.

Whenever I'm not sitting in front of a computer, I can be found playing indoor soccer, playing board and card games at the local comic shop, playing arcade games in Brampton or Newmarket, or winding down with a hike around Island Lake.


"We are a mature couple so modern technology is not our forte. This is very frustrating since we are running a home based business; after having various people here to help us with our computer struggles we finally found Ken Reilly from Tanarus Computer Solutions. That was a turning point in our technological impairment journey. Ken is fast, efficient, courteous, prompt and reasonable. We no longer live in fear of our digital devices. We just call Ken and PRONTO - problems get solved."

Don & Agnes Gordon - Gordon Pet Services


"Ken Reilly of Tanarus is rated 5* in IT support. He put together an "Electronic Medical Record" for me which is comprised of mirror servers with high level security. With his direction, we use these PC servers with Mac slave computers at each station. In that way I can access my old Mac system while using the more user-friendly PC -- on the same computer! Unlike many techies, Ken Reilly is able to "speak" Mac and PC.
Regarding his service -- he is prompt and also very available. My main Mac's main drive went down -- he was there within an hour. He took the computer away -- I had it back that night -- drive replaced, data and all interfaces re-established!
Rates are excellent. But the best -- Ken is patient and respectful. I am very fortunate to be one of his customers. I would not have been able to do this on my budget without him.

Nadine Locas MD